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May 31 2024
令和6年日本海洋船舶工学会春季講演会でMODE Labの研究員が発表を行いました.

May 31 2023
MODE Labの研究員が金沢工業大学でInovative Composite Center (ICC)の見学を行いました.

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MODEについて / What is MODE



Model-based development (MBD) and model-based systems engineering (MBSE) introduced in the automobile industry are expected to be effective means of solving problems in the maritime industry in this century. Rapid parameter optimization is enabled by applying MBD and MBSE in complex ship designs. Furthermore, Maritime and Ocean Digital Engineering (MODE) as a ship development process integrates the application of MBD and MBSE techniques and collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders such as shippers and operators, and contributes to solving social issues. MODE research program focuses on the development of the common simulation platform for building the next-generation sustainable marine logistics system as the research and education center for MBD and MBSE in the maritime field.