Our Mission, Vision, Value


MODE will lead the establishment and implementation of basic technology for digital engineering in the maritime and marine industries, and support the transformation of industries with strong competitiveness and technological capabilities toward a sustainable society.


Become a source and base that constantly creates new trends (modes: trends, methods, styles) in the maritime and marine industries


OCEAN minds

OPEN: Active networking without rejecting anything that comes
COLLABORATION: Collaboration on the basis of development, competition on products and services
EVOLUTION: Become the source of the evolution of the industry, and the participants themselves evolve
AMBITIOUS: Changing not only maritime affairs but society, not only Japan but the world
NODE: A node that connects industry, technology, and society

5 Pillars of Mission

  1. Development of MBD/MBSE methodology and common simulation platform.
  2. Development and social implementation of decarbonized and autonomous ships.
  3. Improve productivity of design and construction processes.
  4. Promote ocean utilization and logistics efficiency.
  5. Digital engineering human resource development and networking.